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Interview With CEO Of Bob's Watches Paul AltieriIf yourrrve been searching for pre-owned Rolex replica watches on-line, you might have encounter Bob's Watches, the Pre-Owned Rolex Exchange. This company, in their current format, began and lead by Paul Altieri since 2009. As some people continue to be a lttle bit hesitant to buy replica watches on-line or even buy pre-owned Rolex replica watches generally speaking, we chose to do interviews with Paul Altieri from Bob's Watches to give you an even better idea of who's behind the Pre-Owned Rolex Exchange and how they operate.(FW) Where will the name "Bob's replica watches" come from, as you're the founder along with your name is Paul?(PA) Bob Thompson. Bob started the corporation back in the mid 1990's, then selling lower-end replica watches like Elgin, Hamilton, and Omega. We bought the organization during 2009 and took the site down. The blueprint was to revamp your website in to the Rolex Exchange model where the two buy and the sell price were listed creating an on-line, transparent industry for consumers.We are the founder of The Rolex Exchange concept behind Bob's Watches. The primary goal behind the thought should be to allow visitors to see both prices to allow them to relax knowing they may be getting a reasonable price. After talking with customers frequently want a means to know they were finding a fair deal, I felt industry was long overdue for something more efficient and open.Trust and honesty will still be our most crucial qualities. Could people are placing an enormous amount rely upon us so we feel that is the most important thing planet ocean omega .How have you try (selling) replica watches and especially, why Rolex?  I got my get started of college selling fine jewellery and replica watches back 1980 but located enjoy utilizing high end replica watches like Rolex and Patek Philippe more so. What began as being a sideline or passion to jewellery Thirty years ago has now turned into a multi big business making Bob's the greatest dealer in pre-owned Rolex. Whenever i love all fine replica watches, Rolex is definitely the best because of its style. I'm able to wear it skiing or diving or even a financial institution meeting. Its fits with any occasion. And helps explain why Rolex is the ideal and largest luxury watch manufacturer on earth.You've got this exchange concept for Rolex replica watches.  Does this mean you additionally sell replica watches in consignment or perhaps it purely using a sell/buy basis?No. We simply sell replica watches that individuals own outright. Our clients are typically busy people and then we make every try and ensure it is fast, easy, safe, and hassle free to purchase or sell their watch.Consider some of the major risks when purchasing a Rolex watch from an 'unkown' website or company and just how does one mitigate these risks yourself? (in other words: how come use at Bob's replica watches and never via on-line forums or market places directly. Precisely what is your added value through these channels with the customer?)At Bob's Watches, our name and reputation mean everythingand we back up every watch we sell. It's far more essential to invest in a well-known dealer directly when selecting pre-owned replica watches. The word goes: "Buy the owner, then a watch". Every one of our replica watches are restored within an authorized Rolex facility only using factory Rolex parts making certain every watch we sell is 100% genuine and authentic Rolex. We also offer a lifetime authenticity warranty along with the One year service warranty.Individuals are often mistaken for eBay. eBay is not purchased replica watches. They just provide the platform for buyers and seller to connect so often times you really have no idea who that seller really truly is on eBay.Moreover, you may sell vintage Rolex replica watches. Which means you know probably best, until this can be - and is - a significant snake pit. What might you advice those that are looking for a vintage sports Rolex?  Don't by from eBay or maybe a (non-watch) forum (e.g Craigslist) because it is simply too risky realize that you are really purchasing from. Order from a respected dealer that supports his name and reputation. There are many but make sure you research before you buy and ensure they've actual stock on the item. We're professional watch dealers therefore we don't even trust selling on eBay.As for a watch itself, Exercise like the Submariner 5512, 5513, and 1680 models as well as the GMT 1675 models best. An excellent opportunity getting one that may be all original meaning the dial, hands best rolex fakes , and bezel etc are the original parts that came within the watch. And when your budget allows, purchase one with its original papers. Since we deal directly with individuals, most of the replica watches we acquire are typically original.No-one can perform a 100% on a regular basis, everyone makes mistakes, both sellers and buyers. What happens whenever a customer - after purchasing a classic Rolex by you - notices we now have some replacements parts on his watch or that something is wrong by it in many ways. Do you offer some sort of authenticity warranty?  Yes. All of our replica watches undergo an entire 5 point inspection by four people so while it's slim that you could slip by, we perform provide an Authenticity Pledge available. That pledge states that a buyer may return their watch any time if your watch just isn't 100% authentic Rolex, or when its description was misrepresented.While you probably know, Rolex began to deliver their new replica watches that has a warranty card which has a magnetic strip. Our guess is it records information in the retailer where that it was sold. Regarding services or repair, the retailer can check regardless of if the watch is bought using an official channel and that is certainly is 'cleared' for all kinds of repair or service. Should the magnetic strip doesn't have a data upon it, it is a concern to have the watch repaired. At the very least, this will be our guess. What's your take? How does one have the option (as a pre-owned Rolex specialist) to test this data around the cards?I don't think this new card is in the USA yet. But we fully support something that may help control the production of legitimate sales channels.What's your personal favorite Rolex?  The old vintage Rolex Daytona model 6263!! Or perhaps the Military Issue 5513. We've one of each.Will you be a collector yourself?  Absolutely!! I have lots of some great vintage pieces. If we purchase one in or possibly a turn to one, I most certainly will pay full monatary amount since i have them in my collection. It's a large amount of fun to know the life stories of those who owned these amazing replica watches!Besides Rolex, watches which brand might you ever consider to sell or trade likewise?Tudor, Patek Philippe, Panerai, Cartier, Breitling, Vacheron Constantin.Appreciate this interview!Much more about Bob's Watches is available here.An outline on Bob's Watches vintage Rolex stock can be obtained here.